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The greys are (still) going viral…!

The appeal of the greyhound as a pet has been evident for years now, and last weekend’s National Greyhound Adoption Day once again demonstrated they’re in demand.

Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program attracted another huge crowd to The Meadows track, where 31 beauties found their new besties!

For the month – when adoption fees were waived, and free food was provided – around 120 Victorian homes added a grey to their family unit.

That’s 120 lounging, loyal longdogs who have found their way into hearts and minds, and already we have the photos to prove it.

GAP’s Facebook page (GreyhoundAdoptionProgramVIC) is full of wonderful stories and photos, all of them talking about how well the new additions are fitting in.

It’s just what greyhounds do!

National Adoption Month may be close to over, but that doesn’t mean the adoptions have; there are still greys looking for a spot on your floor… have a look at the website here to see who is available now.