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GAP: Standing on the shoulders of giants

If there’s one thing greyhound owners love talking about, it’s greyhounds. Their own, the one’s they’ve seen, other people’s, what to dress them in… there’s seemingly endless conversation about these long-dogs. Greyhound Adoption Program volunteers take this to the next level; they can’t wait to tell others about the wonders of having a grey in their home.

Spreading the good word about the breed is just one aspect of the work of volunteers at GAP, however. The dedicated team also give their time to all of the other aspects of ensuring our greys are cared for and given the chance to transform from a racing life to a life full of new experiences, new sounds, new people and other breeds.

GAP Volunteer Manager Kaz Desborough is in awe of their devotion. “When our dogs need to be walked around the property at Tullamarine or Seymour, we know the job is in reliable hands. When we need assistance at an event to represent GAP and promote the breed, the elite team is on the job.”

“If the greyhound requires training, socialisation or some fostering care for a few weeks, again it’s the volunteers who are ready to devote their time.”

“National Volunteers Week is a chance to highlight their incredible work, but for GAP every week is volunteer’s week. Our dogs love them every day of the year, and we just couldn’t provide the service we do without these amazing people. In fact, GAP wouldn’t be the world’s leading greyhound adoption program without our volunteers.”

“Our volunteers are our giants. ‘Appreciation’ doesn’t seem an adequate word. GAP relies on them and couldn’t do it without them. If our greyhounds could talk, they would agree” she said.

“From all at GAP, our resounding thanks from the bottom of our hearts.”