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Always have “roast chicken on hand” and more advice from a Foster Carer

For those that have signed up to become a GAP Foster Carer over the Christmas period, Siena Rossi – who has fostered eleven greyhounds over the past nine months – gives some advice and insight into what you can expect.

Q: What got you into foster caring?

A: We really wanted to feel the reward that comes with preparing a greyhound for their forever homes. It’s quite heart-warming to teach them all about home life and watch their personalities shine in a number of weeks to then being adopted into their new family. The flexibility and experience that comes with fostering also appealed to us. Fostering suits our lifestyle and allows us to gain experience with handling different kinds of greyhounds with all sorts of personalities, especially with the support of the GAP team.

Q: What are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve faced so far as a foster carer?

A: Our biggest hurdle is trying not to spoil them too much! It’s important for us to teach them manners and boundaries which can be especially hard when they are so cute. Learning how to socialise and read their body language is also something that we had to work on (and still do!).

Q: Do you have any tips/tricks for other foster carers?

A: Biggest tip is to just be patient and to have a little faith in yourself. It can be super overwhelming for greyhounds as they are transitioning into pet life and they might not respond how you want at first, but they will get there. Also never hurts to have some roast chicken on hand!

Q: Any funny stories about past fosters?

A: One of our fosters, Andy, was quite introverted and quirky. He used to like to sleep with his nose in your armpit. We also had Luna and Reddy who plotted their escape together from the laundry one morning and woke us up by zooming around proudly and bouncing on the couch. We were totally surprised and still have the video of the escape – so funny!

Q: What advice would you give to someone that might be thinking about fostering, but really isn’t sure?

A: Just go for it! The team at GAP are super supportive and provide you with all the right advice and training so you are set up for successful first foster. You might make mistakes but it’s all part of the learning process.


If you don’t have cats, small dogs and don’t live in an apartment consider becoming a Foster Carer this Christmas so our greyhounds can spend the holiday season in a loving home and not the kennels. Email your interest to: