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The Power of Social Media

Social media has become a very powerful tool for Greyhound Adoption Program to rehouse greys that are looking for their forever homes. With COVID restrictions and lockdowns, GAP hasn’t been able to hold an adoption day since April, which means one of the few ways to advertise and promote greyhound adoption is via social media.

One story that highlights how effective socials can be, is that of how Kylee found her new family member, Lilith. After seeing a GAP Facebook post shared on a friend’s personal page, Kylee became very interested and showed her husband. “It was he who pointed out Lilith. We loved her colourings and smiley face. From there, we decided we were both keen to meet her.”

Lilith (or Lil for short) is now a certified member of their family, “She’s affectionate, to us as well as anyone she has met so far, she doesn’t bark, is great to walk on a lead, she loves her walks and we just fell in love with her when we met her, we only wish we’d adopted sooner,” says Kylee.

Their new four-legged friend is also keeping them entertained during lockdown as Kylee explains, “We wondered why there was water splashed all around her water bucket…she stands her two front legs in it and stomps about…. not great to clean up, but it is funny.”

Huge thank you to everyone that shares GAP’s Facebook posts about available greyhounds. Until adoption days can resume, this is the best way for us to spread the word about greyhounds needing homes.