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The Pawesome Foursome

Rodney and his partner Sean adopted their first greyhound, Barney, back in January 2020 and haven’t looked back since.

In fact, the pair have gone on to adopt another three greyhounds from GAP.

We checked in with Rodney, Sean, Barney, Betty, Paddy and Indie (phew!) to find out what life is like in their household!

“It’s just like having four children…this pawesome foursome have had their share of little tiffs (but nothing major) and it’s like musical chairs in the loungeroom at times! But with Betty being the true Queen B to a tee, she rules the roost over the other three boys,” Rodney explains. “These guys are lucky that their two dads are a fan of antiques so there are plenty of chairs, sofas and comfy rugs to spend many hours snoozing the day away!”

Walking around the neighbourhood with four greyhounds at the helm must cause quite the stir, right?

Rodney agrees, “They get lots of pats and questions from the people when walking. People say we are the male equivalent to the crazy cat lady!”

So, what’s a typical day in the life of Barney, Betty, Paddy and Indie?

“When we’re at work, they spend their days lounging in their hammocks, playing in the backyard and when its dinner time, they all use our manners, well one can be a little grumpy, but we are working on being a good boy, ain’t we Paddy?

Once they have had dinner and spent the evening sleeping and watching tele, we all head upstairs to bed. Betty was the hardest to settle to sleep at first but since we introduced her to the crate, she stands waiting to enter it and settles nicely. The three boys all have their own beds and all four sleep till the morning. Sometimes it’s just like having teenagers! it’s a struggle to get up in the mornings!” Rodney laughs.

What’s the most rewarding thing about having four greyhounds?

“Everything! It’s just pure honest love they share with us. All the licks and cuddles, the funny looks they give, the crazy ways they sleep, the stretching and farts in the mornings, they have such an amazing nature. All the leans and butt rubs and those longs snoots and dreamy eyes.”

What about challenges?

“We haven’t had many challenging moments,” says Rodney. “As we live in a two-storey house the wooden staircase and floorboards were the hardest for the greys to get use too but they have all mastered the stairs and at times will still have a few moments with the floorboards or tiles.”

What would you tell anyone wanting to adopt a greyhound?

“I’ve heard lots of people say, once you get one grey you will want another, and it’s true! I welcome anyone to pop in and see these beautiful hounds living their best life. I would highly recommend anyone to adopt a loving grey, they are so gentle, sweet, and caring, and these pooches have so much love to give, it’s what dreams are made of.”