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RECAP: Volunteer info Session

National Adoption Month has reached new heights with the Volunteer info zoom session. Rose Streatfield from the Greyhound Adoption Program spoke about the many and varied volunteer roles that are available at GAP, including greyhound enrichment, community engagement and foster care opportunities that are available:

Greyhound Enrichment:  Spend time walking, grooming and cuddling greyhounds at our GAP facilities.

Community engagement: Introduce people to your adopted GAP greyhound at events.

Foster Care: Fill the GAP! (as a volunteer Foster Carer).

This online session is the third of four that will be held each Wednesday during the month of April as part of a month-long series of events, both in-person and online, to celebrate National Adoption Month, and all things greyhounds.

To find out more about our other Information Sessions or the upcoming National Adoption Days event, please head HERE.