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Sam McClure and Diva: time for a progress report

By Phil Weir

Sam McClure is no stranger to adopting to new situations. As a sport journalist who is often in front of a live microphone or camera, he must be ready to react quickly to changing circumstances. Millions of people who respect his opinion because of his ability to research and learn. He’s a solid professional.

Then he decided to adopt a greyhound.

Late in 2020, GAP ambassador and veteran fosterer Kate Stevenson learned Sam, her former 3AW colleague, was planning to adopt. In a zoom meeting we’ve posted previously, Sam explained his many, many questions about how his new family member – Diva – would act. Where will she sleep? Will she like us? What will she eat? What do they DO?

It will come as no surprise to learn it was a learning experience for all.

Sam’s thrilled with Diva but had to get used to a greyhound’s ‘mannerisms’. “We’ve had dogs before, and I guess I just expected she would be more active. She’s like a small dog in a big dog’s body!”

The household has now found a rhythm, and Diva is learning to communicate. “We go for a walk, and after about 15 minutes she just looks at me a says ‘that’s it, I want to go home now’. She runs the house now”.

“She’s just the greatest thing. She just wants cuddles and affection. She’s just happy to be with us, and such low maintenance.

Sam’s advice to potential owners is clear. “Just do it. Just jump in.”