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Thunderstorms, fireworks and other noises

Christmas / New Year fireworks and summer storms with lightning and thunder are often a source of stress for noise sensitive greyhounds.

Greyhounds can suffer from fear of loud noises, disrupting holiday plans and causing distress to both the dogs and their owners.

To ensure greyhounds across Victoria have a happy and relaxed Christmas and New Year, GAP have some useful tips for dealing with noise sensitivity.

1. Do not be afraid to comfort your greyhound. It is a myth that comforting them will make them more scared. However, you need to be calm and reassuring.

2. Be prepared! Summer storms are usually forecasted, and you can help your greyhound cope better by:

  • creating a safe space, well-insulated from noise, for your greyhound to retreat; for example, a crate (with the door left open) covered in blankets. The crate can be moved into the laundry or a place in your home away from windows. The blankets help reduce the sound and create a feeling of safety while blocking out lightning flashes; and
  • playing music, a TV, a fan, or a white noise CD or sound app can help to dull the sound of the storm.

Sensitivity to storms and loud noises is not something that happens all at once. It is often a learned fear and becomes worse as greyhounds get older. GAP has some useful fact sheets on managing fear of loud noise you may wish to read.

If you notice your greyhound becoming more sensitive to noises, seek help early from your veterinarian!

Not only will they give your greyhound a complete health check to see if there are medical conditions making the problem worse, they may also recommend a simple solution such as using a calming Thundershirt or similar garment.

In some more severe cases they may recommend medication or treatment by a behavioural expert.

Comforting your greyhound in a space where they feel safe can help minimise their stress.