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GAP update around COVID-19

The Greyhound Adoption Program continues to take in new dogs from participants and greyhounds are still being adopted into loving homes.

While standard pre-entry assessments remain on hold, intakes are occurring at Seymour (under strict COVID-19 protocols) without the temperament assessment on the day of intake.

GAP has been working through the waiting list to take in as many dogs as it can and has now caught up to a similar point to where things were prior to the pandemic.

To assist participants, GAP is planning to re-introduce racetrack intakes starting 1 June, employing social-distancing protocols and without temperament assessments on the day of intake. Initial sessions will be held at Sandown, Ballarat and Sale in the first half of June.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease over the coming weeks, GAP will look to re-start pre-entry assessments at racetracks. If participants want to book new dogs into GAP, they should contact Racing Services on (03) 8329 1000 or email