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Life’s a (fashion) parade

A chance encounter with the GAP stand at the Royal Melbourne Show back in 2017 was to forever change Katrina’s life. Although she had never owned a pet before, she and her son found themselves going back to the stand multiple times to admire the greyhounds.

Katrina went back to her home in Glenroy, did more research into the breed and just four months later adopted Amy at the 3 Days of Adoption event in Seymour.

There’s a good reason behind the name. It was suggested by Katrina’s son who chose it because it means ‘beloved friend’ and Amy has certainly lived up to the moniker.

“Amy is incredibly gentle and placid. Nothing fazes her. She’s a very quiet dog who never barks. Despite being long, she is very lady like and is mindful of her body size. She never knocks anything over,” Katrina gushes.

With Amy as her muse, Katrina has been able to tap into her more creative side.

“I have always loved making things and the fact that greyhounds require a coat for the winter, it was the perfect excuse to begin making her outfits. She has her own Instagram page (@amy_thegreyhound) and it’s the perfect platform for her to show off her new outfits and collars I’ve made for her. People from all over the world love her outfits and comment on them, and I’ve made a few coats and collars for other greyhounds too. I‘ve also created many artworks of Amy inspired by famous artists, which are also on an Instagram page (@amy_thegreyhounds_artpage).”

Amy has fast become one of the most fashionable GAP alumni greyhounds on Instagram and because of her silky black coat, she manages to pull off every colour and pattern with ease and poise.

“It’s hard to tell if she likes wearing her outfits, but she is incredibly tolerant and does not mind at all about being dressed. She does appreciate the warmth when it is cold,” Katrina explains.

And how are Katrina and Amy coping with social distancing?

“Amy always makes sure that she gets her daily walks and that means I get my daily exercise too. She is a constant companion. She will either sit at my feet while I’m working at the table or will lie next to me on the couch and let me pat her nonstop. She is a great comfort.”