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Tiny’s the name. Roaching’s the game.

Aleesha is no stranger to the greyhound breed, as her father trained and raced them when she was a child, so when she discovered the GAP program as an adult, she knew she needed to look into adopting her very own long-legged friend.

Her chosen long-dog was Tiny. That’s the name, not the description, and she pulls off the classic roach.

“She only ever sleeps on her back, with her legs in the air. She became part of the furniture as soon as she arrived. She has the quirkiest personality. She loves the scratches behind her ears so much that she chatters her teeth while she’s getting them.”

“We live on large property and at the beginning she had to be on a lead, but now she is so well behaved. She’s happy walking with me everywhere, although I have to walk on her right side because if I walk on her left, she walks across me. She likes to be near.”

“She waits at the door if she needs to go out to the toilet. She has been super easy to welcome into our home,” says Aleesha.

Tiny has also proven to be fantastic around children and Aleesha’s ten-year-old Italian Greyhound, taking the lead role over her continental cousin.

“I recommend greyhounds as pets to everyone. I have met so many in my life and I remember them individually by name for their quirky unique personalities. They are balls of energy but super lazy, kind, placid and intelligent. We adore Tiny and we are so grateful for our daily snuggles, zoomies and laughs.”

Probably for the roaches as well, I’ll wager.