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Grandma’s little footy fan.

During these trying times something we could all do with more light and cheerful stories, and we can count on greyhounds to fill the void easily. Every greyhound owner has a story, but how many have a sports fan?

Our latest evidence, your honour, is Loxy, who was adopted by Roz during the 3-day event in January.

At first, Loxy wasn’t too sure about her new ‘furever’ home in Montmorency and needed some convincing. Luckily, Roz was able to organise a play date with Odie, her brother from the same litter, which really helped settle her down. Loxy has now blossomed into a sweet dog with heaps of energy to boot.

All greyhounds have their own quirky traits (it’s mandatory) and Loxy is no exception.

“When she first came home, she used to grab her favourite ‘toy of the day’ and line it up with her others toys next to her bed. She has now realised she has full ownership of all doggy toys so has stopped doing that.  She also adores people, watching cricket, baseball and football. She loves Grandma!” Roz explained.

To anybody considering adopting a greyhound, Roz says you should do so without hesitation but be prepared for all the compliments you will receive every time you leave the house with this adorable breed.