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Greyhound lovers flock to community day

Sunny weather, free activities and more than 250 greyhounds featured at GAP’s Greyhound Community Day, which was held at the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club on Saturday afternoon.

This was GRV’s sixth greyhound community day with more than 250 greyhounds in attendance.

A further eight greyhounds found their forever homes during the adoption session held in the afternoon.

A couple of hundred people came through the gates, most of them with greyhounds.

The day included a free bbq, food trucks, music, activities for the kids and stalls selling rugs, collars and other merchandise for canines.

Greyhounds lapped up the attention and water from dog bowls to keep cool throughout the warm day.

GRV’s CEO Alan Clayton took the opportunity to note the booming popularity of greyhounds as pets.

“There has never been a better time to bring a greyhound into your life as now all pet greyhounds in Victoria don’t need a muzzle in public, whether they have a green GAP collar or not,” Mr Clayton said.

He went on to praise the packed crowd for all they had done to ensure the best lives for greyhounds after their racing days are done.

“This is a day to thank all the adopters, volunteers and foster carers who do so much to help retired greyhounds find their new homes.

“As anyone who has a greyhound can tell you, they take retirement – the opportunity to put their feet up on the sofa – very seriously indeed.

“But they can’t do this without the hard work of the many volunteers and foster carers who work with GAP and other re-homing agencies.”