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Perfect Companions for a Maverick and Mischief Maker

Most greyhounds easily transition to life in a home and are well-behaved pets happy to play by the rules, and then there are the mavericks and mischief-makers. These dogs don’t necessarily fit the mould; they are the ones who are picked last for the team and march to the beat of their own drum. These greyhounds make for fun and memorable pets, but it can take a bit more time, patience and love to get to know and appreciate their quirks.

Last year, GAP held a Greyhound Adoption Day specifically for these dogs – the quirky and unusual ones who were having a hard time finding forever homes. Chewy was one of the mavericks and mischief-makers at the event, and that’s where she met Al.

Al was looking for a companion for her German Sheppard, Tank. She emailed GAP and they suggested her and Tank come to the Mavericks Adoption Day and meet a few dogs. The staff at GAP took time to find the right pal for Tank. Initially, they brought out a sweet greyhound who had no interest in playing with Tank, then they brought out Chewy and it was fun at first sight!

Chewy now lives in the wild west of the state with Al and Tank, and they’re having a great time together.

Chewy and Tank have become best friends. They love to play together. Their favourite game is tug-a-war with their toys, and although they play rough, they could do it all day. While Chewy is usually the first to let go, they are always quick to pick up the toy and start over again.

The two dogs have gone on road trips around Victoria where they share the backseat together. Chewy is bossy and will take over most of the room in the car so poor Tank is squashed into a corner. When out and about, they are happy when new people come up and say hello.

They are also known to have fun at meal times. When Al gives them their bowls of food, Chewy and Tank will often look at each other and swap bowls – because sharing is caring!  

It turns out Al and Tank were the perfect companions for this maverick and a mischief-maker and she’s come a long way since moving in with them. Chewy may now has a glossy coat of fur and a fun family to go home with – but she still lives up to her name and there are paper shreds everywhere!


Since our three-day adoption event in January was such a great success and people have been consistently coming to GAP to adopt greyhounds, we’ll be postponing the upcoming Sandown Adoption Day.

Instead, GAP will be hosting a smaller Adoption Day at Seymour on Saturday, 2 March from 10am – 2pm. Similar to the mavericks event, these dogs are a little quirky and are looking for a special person to give them extra love and care in their new home. A list of available dogs will be sent out prior to the event so you can decide if your perfect match is there or not.

Please note, this is not a usual adoption day – it is much smaller and quieter and there will be more one-on-one time for the adopters given the nature of the dogs. If this sounds like the right fit for you, click here for more information.