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Handsome Hero Dave Departs

For many years, visitors to the Seymour head office of Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program were greeted by a very handsome fawn greyhound called Dave who saw himself as very much in charge of the program. Dave came to GAP as an eight-week-old puppy when it was discovered he would never have a racing career because of a significant heart murmur. Instead Dave, through sheer personality and good looks, developed a new job as GAP’s four-footed Ambassador.

He regularly attended Adoption Days and the GAP stand at the Royal Melbourne Show, featured in calendars, Christmas cards and education and training posters and videos and had a large following on social media. Dave’s gentle confidence and lovely manners also meant he often took prospective greyhound owners for walks as an ideal introduction to the breed. When not busy promoting greyhounds as pets, Dave would chill with Alice, the GAP office cat and Gonzo The Great, a little scruffy terrier, and he was always there for members of the GAP team when they needed a hug after a long day.

Sadly, Dave was diagnosed last month with a massive tumour that was beyond treatment and he spent his last day at Seymour on 27 January, surrounded by his GAP family. GAP’s Head behaviourist, Diana Rayment, spoke for the entire team when she said “I’ve never met another dog as gentle and kind as Dave and I think it’s going to be a long time until I meet one that comes close. He really was just a sweet angel soul that made everyone happy”.

Friends and fans of Dave can pay their respects and share their memories at GreyhoundAdoptionProgramVIC