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Finding Fred

Sally Waddell couldn’t live without a dog in her life. When her last dog passed away of old age in December, Sally and her partner agreed that they needed to find a new canine companion soon.

Over the years, Sally has had quite a few different types of dogs but never a greyhound. She started hearing good things about the breed from her friends and in the media, so she started to research the dogs online.

She learned that greyhounds are calm and affectionate pets that suit her lifestyle. She was also keen to help a retired racing dog and knew she could provide a good home. She found the Greyhound Adoption Program and saw that there was an upcoming adoption event, and it just felt right.

Sally isn’t usually someone who jumps into things; she generally takes her time and does her research. However, she says she instantly fell in love when she met Fred. He was the first dog she saw at the Seymour Adoption Weekend. She looked at a few others but was drawn back to him. She took Fred for a walk and quickly decided he was the dog for her.

During the Adoption Day, Sally could tell that Fred was a quiet dog, who would take some time to come out of his shell. Since it is just her and her partner at home, she thought they’d be a good fit for Fred because it would be quiet, and he would have time to adjust.

Sally was really impressed by the GAP Adoption Weekend. She said it was really helpful speaking to GAP staff about Fred and she had the opportunity to ask questions at the adoption booth. She also spoke to Fred’s vet about his history and recent dental surgery.

Since going home Fred has adjusted to life in his new home beautifully. “I’m excited to get up and see him in the morning,” Sally said. “He was already toilet trained and so good on a lead. Actually, he’s probably the best dog I’ve ever had on a lead. Just a beautiful natured dog. He’s finding his way – it must be a strange for him and he was a bit scared of the tiles at first, but we’re taking it slowly and not expecting too much from him.”

Sally added that her partner hasn’t really had dogs before, and he’s quite taken with Fred as well. He’s currently away and keeps ringing to see how the dog is doing.

“It’s been a lovely experience, Sally concluded, “and if I ever had a problem, I know I’d be able to call GAP and get support.”