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Re-homing Guide for New Greyhound Owners

Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) has recently published two Re-homing Guides for greyhound racing participants and adopters.

The guide for participants instructs owners who want to re-home their racing greyhounds how to wind-down their dogs and prepare them for life as a pet. In preparation for re-homing, greyhounds should have an appropriate wind-down period, changes to their housing, diets and exercise, veterinary checks and de-sexing.

Participants should also begin the greyhounds’ transition from racing to pet-life by socialising them with other dogs and people, exposing them to new places and noises, and teaching them basic pet skills, such as walking on a lead and being left for periods of time on their own.

The guide for new owners supports individuals and families who are welcoming a retired greyhound into their homes. The guide includes everything you need to know about bringing your new pet home for the first time, ongoing care, and the legal requirements for owning a greyhound – such as keeping your greyhound on a lead in public.

It also includes a form completed by the previous owner detailing the greyhound’s prior living arrangements, diet and exercise, health record, and personality.

To facilitate a successful adoption, it is important to get as much information as possible about the greyhound so that you know what to expect and can help them transition smoothly into their new home.

In the future, GAP will be using these guides when re-homing greyhounds. The guides are also available online as they are a great resource for current greyhound owners, and for those considering re-homing or adopting retired greyhounds.

Click on the images below to download a copy of the Re-homing Guides: