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From zero to trio

Megan Dell used to think greyhounds were ugly.

Now, with three greyhounds in her Croydon backyard, it is fair to say she has changed her mind.

Megan adores her greyhounds which she and her partner, Steve Gerlach, adopted from GAP.

Ten years ago, Megan went for a drive with Steve. Megan had no idea that Steve had a plan until they stopped at GAP’s headquarters in Seymour. They left with their first greyhound, Jazz, who is now 12 years old, and have been collecting greyhounds ever since.

Nine-year-old Nickel joined the family five years ago and six-year-old Timmy is the latest addition.

Megan also used to think that greyhounds needed a lot of exercise but that was long ago. She is now familiar with their laid-back nature, although Timmy is more playful and energetic than the other two.

Megan often takes Timmy with her on the train to Richmond where she works at a tech company. Her only concern is that someone who is afraid of dogs might get a fright, but that hasn’t happened. He is so quiet and still that sometimes his fellow travellers don’t even know he is there until Timmy puts his wet nose against a commuter’s hand. He receives plenty of pats from admirers.

“I feel like I convert someone every time I take him on the train.”

The dogs co-exist peacefully with Megan’s cats, young Blackbean and Bubble, the matriarch of the animal kingdom at home. Megan and Steve knew that Jazz and Nickel were cat-friendly before they adopted them. They weren’t sure about Timmy’s cat status at first, but he settled in easily with his fellow pets. After all, the hierarchy was simple – always defer to Bubble.