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Bill finds his furever home

Bill the three-year-old greyhound has settled into his new life at Yellingbo in the Yarra Valley with a miniature pony, Nancy the kelpie-whippet cross and a Chihuahua called Rocky.

At first glance the small fluffy Chihuahua and the other dogs look like an unlikely combination but they all get along. Bill and Nancy stretch out on the couch together while Rocky curls up on an oversized cushion nearby.

Shayne Tilley adopted Bill at the greyhound adoption day which was held at GAP’s headquarters at Seymour last month. He says Bill has adjusted easily to his new life. “He is pretty laid back,” Shayne said. “He took about four seconds to claim the couch.”

The three dogs got to know each other during the two-hour drive home to Yellingbo where Shayne surprised his partner Justine and their four-year-old son Parker with the new addition to the household. Bill walked into the house unannounced and Parker quickly claimed the dog as his own.

Shayne was familiar with the greyhound breed, having had two in the past, but he was still keen to contact Bill’s previous owner to find out a bit more about this one. He discovered that Bill was used to being around livestock which would help him to settle in to his new surroundings.

Shayne put a muzzle on Bill before he introduced him to the family’s pony, monitoring their interactions to see how they would get along. Very well, as it turned out. They now run around the yard together. Shayne feels sure that he will also be fine around the chickens, although Bill has yet to meet them up-close.

GAP’s next adoption day will be held in Warragul on Sunday, 5 August, 11am – 1pm. This will be our first time in Warragul, so come and meet some greyhounds at the Warragul Greyhound Racing Club. Find out more and register at

Bill and GAP Greyhound