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Emma lends a hand at Baxter

Fifteen-year-old Emma Borroni is one of GAP’s youngest volunteers.

She is passionate about re-homing greyhounds and about volunteering in the community, so it was almost inevitable that she would end up combining the two.

Emma volunteers at GAP’s Baxter kennels once a fortnight, preparing the dogs as the prospective greyhound owners arrive at the adoption centre on weekends. Her involvement with GAP began 18 months ago when her family adopted Norman the greyhound from Baxter GAP. Emma lives near Michelle, so they started walking their dogs together, discussing GAP and the teenager decided to help out.

At the kennels, Emma chats to visitors to work out what sort of greyhound they are looking for and which one will suit them. She also volunteers at GAP’s adoption days and special events when she can – as long as they are fairly close-by because the teenager depends on her mum and Michelle for a lift.

Michelle appreciates the work that Emma does for GAP.

“She is mature and well-spoken, and she is passionate about greyhound re-homing. It is a pleasure to have her at the kennels and she is wonderful with the dogs and people who come to view them,” Michelle said.

Emma has decided to enter The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which promotes personal development and community involvement, using her experience with GAP as the service component of a four-part challenge.  As a member of the Aspendale Stingrays soccer club, she has the physical recreation requirements covered, leaving her to learn a new skill and experience a team adventure.

Combining her activities with Year 9 school work keeps her busy, but she is happy to do it.

“I love greyhounds, they are great dogs and volunteering at GAP is one of my favourite things to do,” Emma said.

Emma volunteering at one of our GAP adoption days.

Emma volunteering with Kate and Fyffe the greyhound at the GAP Café in West Melbourne.