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A sea-change for Zoey

Zoey the three-year-old greyhound is enjoying a sea-change retirement in Warrnambool.

Zoey was one of 69 dogs re-homed at the recent National Greyhound Adoption Day which was held at The Meadows greyhound racing track in Melbourne. Zoey clocked up the longest journey to get to her new home in the Western Districts – most of the dogs went to homes in and around Melbourne.

Zoey enjoyed her first walk on a Warrnambool beach on a chilly Autumn day, and is settling in with her new family, Megan and Paul Fish and children Charli and Jove.

Megan said she had been thinking about getting a greyhound for a while and felt that the time was right for her children, aged three and five.

The couple drew up a short list from the available dogs posted on GAP’s website and Megan “fell in love with Zoey”. They planned to attend the Greyhound Adoption Day but on the day the family was too busy to make the trip to Warrnambool.

Luckily, Paul’s sister Suzanne was travelling to Melbourne to watch a football game and, as she was interested in getting a greyhound herself, she agreed to take a detour to The Meadows to see if she could get Zoey for her sister-in-law.

Suzanne didn’t find a greyhound for herself, and she resisted the temptation to claim Zoey as her own, but she intends to make the trip to the Greyhound Adoption Program’s kennels in Seymour sometime soon.

There was never any doubt in Megan’s mind that a greyhound was the right breed for her family.

“They are gorgeous dogs. GAP does amazing work.”

The adoption day at The Meadows was part of a National Adoption Day. In a national first, re-homing organisations in six states worked together to find homes for 212 greyhounds.

GAP holds adoption days in metropolitan and regional locations about every six weeks, but every day is adoption day at the GAP headquarters in Seymour. Find out more about our adoption centres at Seymour and Baxter on our website, under, and watch out for news about our next adoption day.

2018 National Greyhound Adoption Day