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National Adoption Day – many dogs and many people

In an historic day for greyhound adoption, 68 greyhounds found new Victorian homes at the first ever National Greyhound Adoption Day.

The 68 greyhounds were part of more than 200 around the country who found new homes.

Greyhound Racing Victoria Chairman Bernie Carolan thanked everyone at the event for their passion and dedication in assisting the retired racing dogs to find a home.

“The staff, the volunteers and the community all came together to make this an historic occasion. This is a combined effort and one that brings great pleasure to all involved,” Mr Carolan said.

Mr Carolan paid a special tribute to the National Adoption Day ambassador, theatre star Todd McKenney, who attended at The Meadows and was simply ‘blown away’ by the whole experience.

One couple who adopted a new furry friend were Dave Jones and Felicity Jamieson who welcomed a female black dog named Gravy to their inner-city home.

Dave and Felicity live in North Melbourne just a short walk from the recently opened GAP café and welcomed Gravy to their lives as their first pet greyhound after discussing the idea for roughly a year.

“My aunty and uncle had greyhounds for 15 years,” Felicity said.

“I got to see how lovely, placid and gorgeous pets they are. For the best part of a year Dave and I were talking about getting a dog and we decided greyhounds were the best match. We had one of my aunty’s greyhounds stay with us for a week and we knew then that that was what we wanted.”

Dave and Felicity came to the Meadows with a plan in place, having thoroughly researched which greyhound best fit their lifestyles and tastes.

“We spoke to someone at Seymour and they flagged Gravy as someone who would be suited to our life. We read her online bio,” Felicity said.

“To meet her today, she was just gorgeous and we saw she was friendly with some kids coming up so why not adopt her?

“We’ve already done a bit of shopping so we’ve got some dog stuff and we’re set up. We’ll try get her settled in and show her some love.”

Dave and Felicity were two of 810 registered participants streamed through the gates at The Meadows in the hope that they would be taking home with them one of the beautiful greyhounds available on the day.

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