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Celebrating dog years at GAP Cafe

GAP volunteer Julie Dixon found the perfect location to celebrate her greyhounds’ birthday.

She took her three greyhounds to The GAP Café in West Melbourne where they celebrated with snacks, balloons and birthday hats.

Ellie and Evie turned 10 and Prinni turned 11. Julie also has another greyhound, Jet.

Julie has been a community engagement volunteer with the Greyhound Adoption Program for eight years, helping out at adoption days, community days, the Melbourne Show and, most recently, at the GAP Café where she happily talks to people about these gentle, loyal dogs.

She also takes her dogs to greyhound race tracks in Gippsland to promote the breed and GAP, which includes a four hour round trip from Pakenham to Sale and back. Julie balances all of this with her job in aged care and the time she spends coaching and umpiring netball teams.

Evie is a recent addition to the Dixon family. Julie adopted her from GAP’s Baxter kennel last month, but Julie isn’t convinced that four is enough. There might be just enough room for one more greyhound.

The GAP Café is located at 477 King St, West Melbourne. To find out more about the café visit The GAP Café on Facebook.

Have you adopted a GAP greyhound and you have some time to help spread the word about these wonderful dogs?  To find out more about our community engagement volunteer team click here.