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Bray serves up coffee with collars at GAP Café

Bray Otley literally walked into a job at the GAP Café in West Melbourne.

As soon as she entered the café with her two pet greyhounds, it was an easy sell convincing the café’s manager that she and her hounds would be a good fit for the café.

The café was unveiled last month as GRV’s city-based showcase for its adoption program.

Bray works at the café part-time and her greyhounds Peka, 8, and Mickey, 3, are also regular fixtures there. Bray takes them to the café every shift, which works for her and her customers who are delighted to meet the dogs.

Bray, who adopted her greyhounds from GAP in Seymour last September, enthusiastically spreads the word to customers about the benefits of owning a greyhound. Some customers are just happy to pat the dogs, while others are there to meet a greyhound before they take the plunge and adopt one.

Peka and Mickey fit right in with the other greyhounds at the café. Some of our GAP volunteers and staff from Greyhound Racing Victoria bring their dogs to the café, and customers often bring in their own dogs.

For Bray, the breed’s attraction is their gentle and loving nature. “It’s funny how dogs can pick up on feelings, they come and give you a cuddle when you need it.”

A Footscray resident, Bray observes that greyhounds are perfect for the Melbourne lifestyle. She points out that they don’t need a big backyard or a lot of exercise. Peka and Mickey certainly look right at home as they take a nap on some comfy pet bedding.

The café has an indoor and outdoor area for dogs and their owners. Frothy puppycinos and dog snacks are on the menu, as well as the usual breakfast, lunch and coffee fare for humans.

GAP Café is it at 477 King Street, West Melbourne, opposite Flagstaff gardens.

Greyhound photos by Pia Francesca