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Unsung heroes of the Greyhound Adoption Program

Stumpy and Bingo have been integral in Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program re-homing in record numbers in recent years.

The rough-coated Jack Russell dogs both have exceptional temperaments.

“Stumpy and Bingo help us assess all of the greyhounds that come into the program to determine whether they’re suitable for adoption or not,” Greyhound Adoption Program Manager, Larissa Darragh said.

“They’re both really well-adjusted little dogs. They’re very happy, friendly and really social. They’re great with the greyhounds. They’re non-aggressive and will quite happily stand there and let the greyhounds smell them and start to realise that they’re just a little dog.”

Meet Stumpy and Bingo

Since the filming of this video 14-year-old Stumpy has been retired and, ironically, he is searching for a loving new home himself, having been living on the GAP premises in Seymour for most of his life. If you’re looking for a dog but don’t have room for another greyhound and you think Stumpy would be a welcome addition to your family, drop us a line at