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Gypsy joins a house of champions

There was a familiar face among the crowd at Adoption Day on Sunday – Dr Bridie O’Donnell who is a regular on the news–current affairs program The Project, took home four-year-old Gypsy.

Bridie said she and her partner had been looking to get a dog for a long time, one which would be happy to be alone while they were at work.

“I had never spent much time around greyhounds, but I was always very supportive of any organisation that seeks to look after these amazing animals after they’ve retired from racing,” Bridie said.

“I really liked the look and personality of Gypsy when I read about her in the GAP website, so when I went to the Adoption Day, I was definitely very keen to meet her and hopefully take her home. She is a shy girl, who had been a little anxious with her foster carers before adoption, but they said she also had a lovely, gentle nature and would really grow into her confidence one she got to know us.”

In addition to being a doctor and a regular on TV, Bridie is also a champion road cyclist.

“Both my partner and I are former elite athletes, so we were very happy that we could add another athlete to the house!”


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