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Iris – athlete turned model

University students Sophie Goodluck and Lachlan Wilton are just two months away from celebrating their first ‘Gotcha Day’ with their GAP greyhound Iris.

After making the decision to move into an apartment in Hawthorn, Sophie and Lachlan felt a four-legged hole in their home which Lachlan quickly pointed out could be filled by a greyhound.

“A couple we know owns a greyhound and recommended them as pets. After doing more research we found a greyhound really suited us because we study full time and live in an apartment,” Sophie said.

Sophie and Lachlan went to the GAP program in Seymour and were lucky enough to meet Iris.

“She was the second greyhound we met and she was really excited, which we loved.”

After a couple of weeks with a few toileting accidents Iris grew into her new role as a pet.

“We live right next to a train station and a busy road which worried her but within a month she was fully adjusted and now doesn\’t even blink at the sound of trains going past.”

To help occupy Iris both physically and mentally Sophie takes Iris to dog training. Not only does Iris get to interact with other breeds of dogs and learn new tricks, it’s a great bonding session for Iris and Sophie.

“We wanted to make sure that Iris lived a full and happy life and she is responding very well.”

“It is a nice exercise for the both of us; we have taught her recall (come when her name is called) and she mostly sits on command.”

Studying fashion design, Sophie has even made Iris a beanie (pictured below).


Iris went on her first family holiday on the boat to Tasmania to visit Sophie’s family for Christmas.

“Iris was great on the boat and had a great time with all of her extended family both humans and dogs.”

“All of our family and friends love her, she is incredibly social and well behaved.”

Iris has proven yet again that word of mouth is the best way to dispel myths about greyhounds.

“A lot of people stop us and ask us if she is a racer and then we get the chance to tell them about GAP and what they do and of course how amazing greyhounds are.”

“People can be uncomfortable around her at first and even ask if she is safe – once they get to know her they realise how gentle and kind she is.”

After sifting through paper work, Sophie came across the contact details for Iris’ previous owner and breeder Andrea Gurry.

“I found her details and thought why not send Andrea an email and fill her in on Iris’ new life – the worst she can do is not respond.”

Sophie and Lachlan’s email did more than just prompt a response from Andrea, it almost made her cry.

“It is fantastic to hear from the people who adopt our greyhounds. In my case I have bred, reared and largely pre-trained my dogs and have spent so much time getting to know them it can be hard to part ways,” Andrea Gurry said.

“Once their racing career is over all of my dogs go through GAP because I believe they all deserve the opportunity to spend their days on the couch.”

“To hear that Iris is living a dream life with Sophie and Lachlan nearly makes me cry, she looks so happy!”


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