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GAP’s Trailblazing Founders

Mel Tochner & Anita Smith
GAP Co-founders

When Mel and Anita first met each other while both working at the Sandown Veterinary Clinic in the mid-1990s, neither of them imagined they would establish what is now the world’s most successful greyhound re-homing agency, Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP). The first years were a bit of a struggle as Anita and Mel juggled the demands of the growing program with work and raising kids. But now, 21 years after they founded GAP, they are very proud of what it has achieved, with well over 7,000 dogs re-homed, and how they’ve helped raise public awareness about what great pets greyhounds make. Their story, as told in this short video, is part of the Greyhounds Are My Life series which profiles the people of the Victorian greyhound community and you can see more here.

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