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VIDEO: Dr Bec talking greyhound teeth

The fabulous Leah joined Dr Bec and greyhounds Don and Dave, on Facebook live at the Greyhound Adoption Program Vet Clinic today, to talk about greyhounds teeth and dental health.

The fact is that up to 80% of dogs will have periodontal disease by the age of two. However contrary to popular belief, greyhounds are no more susceptible to periodontal disease than any other breed, but it’s something that every dog owner should be aware of.

Periodontal disease is the build up of bacteria in the mouth causing inflammation and odor.

“Once periodontal disease is established it is irreversible. Once you are seeing recession of the gums and mobility in the teeth we can’t reverse that change we can only treat it,” Dr Bec said in the live video.

Once periodontal disease has begun, it can not only become costly but cause pain and discomfort. Therefore it is really important in the early stages to get it under control because prevention is better than cure.

Signs of periodontal disease can include;
– Bad breath
– Infected teeth
– Redness of the gums around the top of teeth
– Discoloration of teeth

Steps to check your dogs teeth at home; 
Note: Not all dogs are tolerant of having their teeth checked, so it is very important to stay in your dog’s comfort zone.
1) Begin by handling your dogs head, once your dog is comfortable move down to the mouth and pull up the top lip.
2) Look at the colour of the teeth, they should be reasonably white.
3) Ensure gums are not inflamed or red.
4) Have a look at the back of your dogs mouth because there can be a lot of hidden plaque and tartar.
5) If you have any concerns seek veterinary advise.


How to brush your dogs teeth;
1) Make sure your dog is comfortable having your hands in its mouth.
2) Start by using a wet swab, or wet cotton ball to get your dog used to the rubbing motion on their teeth.
3) Once your greyhound is used to the concept start introducing a toothbrush designed for large dogs.
Human toothpaste is NOT suitable for dogs. Here is a link to the toothpaste Dr Bec uses on the GAP greyhounds at Seymour.
It is also important to know that brushing won’t remove tartar, brushing is a preventative measure.

Why does my greyhound have bad breath?
If your greyhound has bad breath, it is very important to seek advice from your vet.
In the majority of cases, bad breath is caused by periodontal disease.

If my greyhound has the majority or all of their teeth removed, can they still eat?
A dog can eat with no teeth, but you will more than likely have to adjust their diet to a softer feed.

What types of preventative care can I take with my greyhound?
– Raw bones are an effective measure to help keep your greyhounds teeth clean. Caution should always be taken when giving your greyhound bones.
– Dental chews. Here is a link to the dental chew product shown in this video.
– Oral care in water treatments.
– Dental bites.

Watch the video below.