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Joy for Roy!

NINE-year-old Roy who was one of three greyhounds that took the trip to Sandown on Saturday but didn’t find a home, has been adopted thanks to the quick work of two young children.

For the second time this month the power of social media prevailed when young Makenzie and Rylee put forward a letter to their father, pleading with him to let them adopt Roy after they heard that he didn’t find a home.

Roy’s video last Saturday.


Nicole Tresize’s said her daughters were sad when they looked on Facebook to find that Roy had to return to Seymour, after the Greyhound Adoption Programs’ (GAP) second adoption day of the year.

Not only did the two youngsters put their heads together to come up with a touching proposal, but they also combined their pocket money to help cover the costs for Roy.

“We felt really sorry for him, and so did mum,” the letter read.


The lovely letter that made it all possible.


In the end, Dad didn’t get a whole lot of say after Ms Tresize decided to take the trip to Seymour on Monday to pick Roy up and surprise the rest of the family that afternoon.

We spoke to the Taylors Hill resident shortly after she picked up her kids from school with a big four-legged surprise in the back seat.

Ms Tresize said that her eldest Makenzie burst into tears when they found out their mum had gone and adopted Roy.

“I actually told them that Roy had already been adopted and gone to another family,” Ms Tresize’s said.

“They were very excited.”

Roy with his new Mum and brother.


Despite that Roy, as well as Mick and Bill weren’t adopted on the day, the staff and volunteers were thrilled to find homes for 37 other greyhounds at the event.

It’s hoped that Mick and Bill will get snatched up just like Roy has been.

Ms Tresize’s family already owned a greyhound in Stewie after they adopted him from GAP in February last year.

She said the two greyhounds seemed to get along and “weren’t too fussed by each other.”

This is the second time in the last month where a greyhound has found a home after a campaign via Facebook.

Ms Tresize said that “GAP is a fabulous idea.”

“It is great to give these dogs another life.”
Roy saying thanks to everyone who helped.

Roy saying thanks to everyone who helped him find his forever home.