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For the love of greyhounds

Why adopt a greyhound you may ask? Pakenham resident Julie Dixon will give you 101 reasons to adopt a greyhound, because she couldn’t choose just one.

“Greyhounds adapt so easily into most households and they are just so friendly. It is just so hard not to love them – you are really left wanting more!” Julie Dixon explained.

Julie adopted her first greyhound Dell in 2010 after attending the Royal Melbourne Show and seeing the Greyhound Adoption Program stall.

“We also had greyhounds as kids, but seeing them at the Melbourne Show really enticed me to get my very own,” Julie Dixon explained.

Julie and her son Ben travelled to the Greyhound Adoption Program’s property in Seymour to choose a greyhound, but they didn’t expect a greyhound would choose them.

“The dog definitely found us! And it didn’t take Dell long to settle into our home and to show us just how beautiful she is.”

It took just over a year for Julie to realise that she had room in her heart for one more greyhound – Elly. Sadly, the Dixon’s first greyhound Dell passed away, but the heart-breaking experience of losing a greyhound only made Julie’s desire for another greyhound so much stronger.

Julie and Ben now find themselves with three greyhounds; Tay, Jet and Elly, which range in age from six to ten.

“They get along so well! They are just so lovely and affectionate but they are also so different,” Julie explained.

Julie is just one of the many volunteers that spends countless hours advocating the greyhound breed, whether it be at Adoption Days, Country Cups or just talking to people on the streets.

“I really enjoy meeting the people and sharing stories about my greyhounds. Sometimes people even want to take mine home,” Julie laughed.

“It is amazing how many people stop me on the street to ask me about greyhounds.”

“I think it is important to advocate for the breed because they are the type of dog that is suitable to a lot of different households.”

“Volunteering at events is such a positive experience I really do enjoy promoting the greyhounds and the sport.”

Having a greyhound isn’t just about owning a dog – it’s about the relationship you build with the people you meet who are involved with the breed.

“You meet so many people with a common love for greyhounds, which forms great bonds and lasting friendships.”