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First Aid for greyhounds: What to do in an emergency situation

Would you know what to do if your pet greyhound required emergency first aid treatment?

Accidents can happen around the home or while out and about, and the instant, appropriate treatment of certain injuries, even prior to seeing a vet, can make a huge difference to your greyhound’s chances of a speedy return to full health.

Experienced greyhound vet, Dr. Chris Boemo, features in a new video series about emergency first aid, and while he focusses on racing greyhounds, much of the information he portrays is also relevant to pet greyhounds, or any breed of dog for that matter.

“In order to provide basic first aid you need basic first aid materials to stop or compress bleeding, support an injured or fractured limb or to hold whatever dressings you put in place until you can get to definitive treatment,” Dr. Boemo said.

“While applying immediate first aid can be hugely beneficial, prolonging diagnosis and treatment from a qualified vet can be detrimental to your greyhound’s health, well-being and chances of making a full recovery.”

The first two videos in this four-part series – ‘Essential items you need’ and ‘Emergency bandaging’ – are published below.



First Aid for greyhounds (Part 3) – Emergency splinting
First Aid for greyhounds (Part 4) – Preventing, detecting and treating Acidosis