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Melbournians escaping the city to help out our hounds

The Greyhound Adoption Program is fortunate that many organisations around Victoria regularly visit our property in Seymour to spend quality time with our greyhounds before they are adopted into loving homes.

With Seymour located just an hour north of Melbourne, people working in and around the city enjoy the chance to get among the fresh country air and volunteer their time with general day-to-day duties including helping the greyhounds adapt to situations and scenarios they may not necessarily be used to.

“Last Friday was a wonderful day here at the property. We had people from the National Dog Training Association, Allianz Insurance and also Jetpets, which is an animal transport business,” said the Greyhound Adoption Program’s Jenny Layton.

“We have a lot of greyhounds coming through our program, and to have groups of people come along and have hands-on interaction with the greyhounds is really great for the dogs.”

“They give the dogs experience walking on a lead and walking up and down stairs, which helps them adjust into a home environment so much more easily, and being such an affectionate breed, greyhounds take plenty out of having the interaction with people.”

The regularity of volunteers varies, with the three businesses that ventured to Seymour on Friday being an example of that.

“Allianz Insurance employees visit us once a year, while Jetpets chooses their two best workers of the week to spend three hours here every Friday.”

“Jess from the National Dog Training Association spends six hours with us every Friday as part of her work placement,” Jenny said.

If you are part of a business that would be interested in sending staff to volunteer time at the Greyhound Adoption Program, be it on a regular basis or as a one-off visit, please contact us HERE

Below: Volunteers giving some of our greyhounds experience walking on lead and climbing stairs.