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Why stop at one when you can have Moo?

KOROIT local Jaimi Gillies hasn’t looked back since adopting her first greyhound just more than a year ago, and can’t rule out the possibility of another one.

Moo, which turned two on 18 January, slotted into her new home perfectly after she was adopted out of the Greyhound Adoption Program headquarters in Seymour.

Ms Gillies said her husband wanted to adopt a dog, and with both her brother and father involved in greyhound racing, she knew a lot about the breed and “loved them as animals.”

“We wanted a big dog and decided to go down the greyhound track,” she said.

“We had been looking for a while when we finally found Moo online, and then got her out of Seymour.”

Ms Gillies said Moo was the name already given to her dog, and described her pet as a very independent greyhound which “sleeps a lot.”

With the responsibility of her own business, which is based in Warrnambool, Ms Gillies knows she can leave Moo at home to entertain herself for the day.

“She has a big kennel and just stays at home,” she said.

After befriending Ms Gillies parents dog, the greyhound will sometimes go to work with its owner and play with her four-legged friend, but would prefer to stay at home and sleep.

“They’re amazing animals and she has fitted in beautifully with our lifestyle,” she said.

“She’s so good with people as well as other dogs we’ve met.”

Ms Gillies said adopting a greyhound has been a “fantastic experience” and would recommend it to anyone.

While she thinks her backyard is full enough with one, her husband would love a friend for Moo.

PICTURED: Jaimi Gillies shares a moment with pet greyhound Moo. Image courtesy of Karen Giblin.