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GAP 20: A Fitting Celebration

Something that wasn’t lost amid the excitement of the Greyhound Adoption Program’s recent 20th anniversary celebrations was the significant contribution made by community partner, the Ivanhoe Diamond Valley organisation.

A centre for adults with disabilities based an hour away in Macleod, Ivanhoe Diamond Valley has been visiting the GAP facilities in Seymour on a weekly basis for over 10 years, assisting with grooming the greyhounds and assisting with general maintenance.

March 17 marked 20 years since the first greyhound was adopted in Victoria, and to celebrate GAP staff and Ivanhoe Diamond Valley representatives gathered for a 20th anniversary  party.

“We have a number of groups that volunteer their time at our property in Seymour but in terms of longevity and dedication to the cause, Ivanhoe Diamond Valley is in a league of their own,” said Greyhound Adoption Program Manager, Larissa Darragh.

“We love them coming up here and they have an absolute ball as well, interacting with the greyhounds in the country air.”

“It’s a win-win for everyone and it was fantastic to be able to celebrate our 20th anniversary together.”