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Mooroolbarking up the Family Tree

What are the odds of this? Two littermates going through the Greyhound Adoption Program and randomly being adopted into households in the same suburb?

That’s the amazing recent discovery made by Sarah Lavis of Mooroolbark in Melbourne’s outer east. She tells the story…

“My husband was taking our dog Delta for a walk when he ran into a lady named Marianne and her two greyhounds, Messi and Lucky. When he came back from his walk, he explained to me that he ran into a fellow resident of Mooroolbark with two greys. I asked him a bit more, only to discover that Lucky is seven years old, from Colac and from a breeder named Peter.”

“I quickly realised that Lucky and Delta must be littermates! Delta is also seven, from Colac and her breeder was Peter McArthur. What are the odds of two adopted greys ending up in the same suburb?”

“I got on the GAP Facebook group and tried to search for Marianne. Marianne contacted me and we quickly confirmed that Lucky and Delta are littermates.”

“We organised a catch up and now aim for the siblings to have a walk together once a week.  I also contacted Peter to let him know the news and he’s thrilled that the two greys are spending time together.”

What an unexpected reunion and incredible tale of two greys!

Image: Delta (brindle) and her litter brother Lucky have been reunited.