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She’s was no Fernando Bale, but…

Chloe just wasn’t cut out for racing. Sure, she may look a lot like the recently retired champion Victorian greyhound Fernando Bale with her predominantly white coat and brindle patches, however he won a world record $1.3Mil in prize money.

Chloe didn’t manage a single start in a TAB race, bombing out in two qualifying trials by a total of 29 lengths. Enter Tim Lawson, who nine months ago decided to adopt two year old Chloe through the Greyhound Adoption Program.

The North Melbourne resident said that Chloe had enjoyed a smooth transition from living in a racing kennel to adapting to her new life in a three level townhouse, even if she needs a bit more practice going up and down stairs.

“She is great. She sleeps all day while we are at work, and she loves her walks at night.”

“I’ll either walk her around Arden Street footy oval, the huge park at Royal Parade (Princes Park) or through Flagstaff Gardens, depending on which direction she heads when we walk out the door,” Lawson laughed.

Greyhounds are known for being low energy animals that need little exercise despite the fact they can reach speeds of more than 70 kph.

“She doesn’t need a long walk but she enjoys them and it’s a great chance for me to get some exercise too.” “I’ll even jog through parklands with her in the cooler months,” Lawson added.

So whether you’re looking for a couch potato or a jogging companion, consider adopting a greyhound. They may not all be champions on the racetrack, but many – like Chloe – end up being champion pets.