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VIDEO: GAP Vet Clinic a boost for Greyhound Welfare

The Greyhound Adoption Program is benefiting greatly from a brand new veterinary clinic being built and opened at our Seymour headquarters in 2015, thanks to generous support from the Victorian Government.

“Having an on-site treatment room is a fabulous new development for GAP,” the Greyhound Adoption Program’s Jenny Layton said.

“We now perform all our veterinary procedures that we need to do at the convenience of our own kennels, including de-sexing and dentals, so our greyhounds no longer have to travel to undergo such procedures.”

Veterinary Surgeon Hayden Sharratt performs many of the procedures at GAP, which has seen him develop tremendous admiration for the breed.

“If you’re looking for a dog as a pet you honestly can’t go wrong with a greyhound,” Sharratt said.

“I would encourage people to come up to the Greyhound Adoption Program because you’ll pick up a dog that’s de-sexed, it’s had its dental work done, and it has been vetted from a behavioural point of view so I really think greyhounds are a fantastic option for someone looking for a pet.”