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Video: Australian Olympian Strikes Gold in the Pet World

Having won Olympic silver and bronze with the Australian Opals basketball team in the nineties, Michelle Brogan looks to have struck gold in the pet world.

Having grown up with greyhounds in South Australia along with her brother, Port Adelaide premiership-winning hero Dean Brogan, Michelle is now settled in Melbourne and recently adopted her first pet greyhound named Georgie.

“My family raced greyhounds for many years, so I was born into a greyhound racing family. I had them growing up pretty much until I left home. As a kid I was responsible for walking the greyhounds while Dean would feed them,” Michelle said.

“Now with the GAP program it has been a wonderful welcome back for me to be able to get one as a pet. I told Dean the other day I was adopting a greyhound and he was really envious.”

Michelle and her two sons, Bailey and Che, recently brought Georgie home for the first time, with the video below showcasing the greyhound’s immediate reaction upon arrival at her new residence.