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Video: $1million Commitment a Huge Win for Greyhound Breed

A brand new in-house veterinary clinic, 28 new day yards and a picturesque park-like area for potential adopters to meet and interact with greyhounds headline significant recent improvements to Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program property in Seymour.

These latest enhancements to the 40 acre facility come on the back of a $1million commitment from the Victorian Government in 2011 – spread over four years – to support the retraining and rehousing of former racing greyhounds.

“The government funding has been fantastic as it has allowed for a number of developments to the property that make it easier for us to find homes for the dogs,” said GAP Manager, Larissa Darragh.

The day yards make it a much more enjoyable experience for the greyhounds being housed temporarily on the property, while the in-house vet clinic poses a number of practical benefits, including having a veterinarian based on site.

“We’re really excited about our in-house vet clinic, which will open very soon. What it means is that any health issues with our greyhounds will be detected early on and we will be able to perform all our surgeries, such as de-sexing and dentals, on site instead of driving half an hour to a vet,” Darragh said.

“The new park-like meeting area (pictured above) also makes it a nicer experience for people adopting from us.”

Darragh said there had been a huge spike in greyhound adoptions over the past three years and that the infrastructure investment would only help that trend continue.


Watch: The latest developments at the Greyhound Adoption Program property in Seymour, Victoria.