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Racing Owner’s Super Story

Racing owners often adopt their greyhounds once their racing careers come to an end and Andrew Duncan had one super ride with his greyhound Clay Bird.

Clay Bird (now named ‘Super’) raced 118 times throughout his career winning on 18 occasions, placing 18 times and racing at 13 different tracks. It was a huge career that was followed intensely by both Andrew and his son Josh.

Andrew says that Josh watched every one of ‘Super’s’ races and fell in love with the greyhound early on.

“He is more Josh’s dog than mine,” he said “Josh loved him so much and when his racing career finished I had to convince my brother that Super should come home with us rather than him.”

“When he heard that I was picking Super up he begged me to get the day off school and there was no way I couldn’t let him come.”

Andrew remembers how exciting it was to watch Super throughout his career saying that his come-from-behind racing style was always exciting.

“He had a great career and we’re so proud of him.

“He loved and thrived on racing and he definitely provided me with the most fun I’ve ever had in racing.”

There were many memorable moments to savour among Super’s 18 victories.

“Every win was memorable but two that stand out were the two at Sandown Park that we got to watch live.”

Andrew works full-time in two professions and says that his house is now complete with the addition of Super. At their Box Hill property, there are now two Jack Russel terriers, one greyhound and a budgie.

Super has settled in ‘beautifully’ according to Andrew and Josh is ecstatic that the racer he admired so much now sleeps on the couch in his house.

Andrew says his experience with Super has been special.

“This is what it’s all about, watching your greyhound grow, develop and race is great and having him at home makes it even better.”

To view greyhounds that are currently looking for a new home visit the Available Dogs page.

super walking640

PICS: Andrew and his son Josh with their new friend for life Super.