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Video: Westerfolds Park Greyhound Walk

A record 50+ greyhounds and their owners attended the Westerfolds Park Greyhound Walk in Templestowe in April 2015. The Westerfolds Park Greyhound Walk is one of several regular walks and playgroups conducted across Victoria, with the group meeting on the second Sunday of each month at 10.30am. The Westerfolds Park gathering is not only for greyhounds, but all four legged friends and their owners, proving the chance to enjoy a great morning exercising and socialising.

They are a great opportunity for those that are thinking about adopting a greyhound or just want to know more about the breed.

Kerry Miglietti, a GAP volunteer said “people who are interested in a greyhound can come and ‘test drive’ a greyhound so to speak. We usually have spare greyhounds that people can walk to find out if they would like a greyhound as part of their family.”

Angela was one of those people who has test driven a greyhound at the Westerfold’s Park walk and said she “really loved the idea of being able to test drive a greyhound, it’s a real help to understand what they’re like. We wanted to get a sibling for Max (current pet), and on the second visit Max was going up to them (standing on his back legs) and giving them kisses on the lips.  The fact that they just stood there and took it, I was determined from then on that we were going to adopt.”

These walks and playgroups are a great place for dogs to socialise and their owners too. So if you have a greyhound or simply like more information about these events please click here.