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‘Adoption Day’ a Wonderful Advertisement for the Greyhound Breed

It was a busy afternoon inside the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club’s famous Henry Harrison grandstand on Saturday, where an ‘Adoption Day’ was hosted by the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP).

A sizeable crowd of around 130 people were in attendance – not to place a bet or cheer home a winner as there was no racing on the day – but instead to meet 20 adorable adoption-ready greyhounds with a view to learning more about the breed and/or taking one home to keep as a pet.

And so well-behaved were the greyhounds that it would be virtually impossible to create a better advertisement for the often misunderstood breed.

Not a snarl or a bark and not one sign of aggression, but there was plenty of snuggling and wagging tails. In fact, so well-mannered were the greyhounds that there wasn’t even a single attempt at helping themselves to the delicious spread of afternoon tea set out on a table that was well within their reach.

The greyhounds’ politeness was even more extraordinary considering they have had such little time living in everyday society having spent most of their lives in a professional racing environment. No wonder the breed is known for its sophistication.

In the end 16 of the 20 greyhounds were adopted with the remaining four back at the Greyhound Adoption Program’s headquarters in Seymour until they are found a home suitable for them.

Matching the right greyhound to the right home is one of GAP’s trademarks – hence the reason returns are so rare.

While some families and couples went home empty handed, they were all left with a wonderful impression of the breed and an enriched knowledge of what greyhounds are like as pets thanks to the many staff and volunteers on hand to answer questions.

The GAP’s next ‘Adoption Day’ will be held at The Meadows Racetrack in Broadmeadows on Sunday 26 April, while potential adopters are also welcome to meet a host of adoption-ready greyhounds at Seymour (just an hour from Melbourne) on most weekdays via appointment by calling 5799 0166.

Click Here to register for the Greyhound Adoption Program’s next ‘Adoption Day’ at The Meadows on Sunday 26 April.