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Jerry’s Story

From: Jerry Hatrick  Retired Racing Greyhound

Date: 13 December 2014

Subject: Nearly a Year in my new home

To: John his racing trainer/owner


Hello John,


Its nearly a year now since I was picked up by Doug & Elaine from GAP. I am enjoying life with them very much.


Doug takes me for regular walks -most days – on a hilly 40 minute walk.

I see lots of other animals and have made friends with some little dogs.

One little dog comes up to me and rolls over and insists I lick her tummy.

Another dog just barks at me but although not on a lead like I am, keeps  it’s distance after judging the length of my lead. Doug sometimes tricks him and holds the lead short and lets it go so I can kiss the other dog’s nose. He (the dog) gets very excited but won’t come within my range so we ignore him and go on our way.


I also know about a cat that is often just sitting there looking important in it’s owner’s driveway. It was lying asleep one day just beside the footpath. Well Doug didn’t notice it and I jumped at it and nearly got it. But it jumped too and ran away. I look for it every day and the smarty just scowls at me from a distance up the driveway.


When we return home I just rest for a few hours and then later steal some toys they have around their place and have great fun with them.

They get wet but I don’t do too much damage. (Well a little bit but it doesn’t seem to matter.)


I have my own lure that I caught. A piece of thick knotted rope actually that I can chew and throw around. Its great fun and Doug thinks its good for keeping my teeth clean. Must work, as my teeth are very white.

They also give me a delicious dentabone when they go out and leave me

on watch duty (Watch burglars come in then watch them go out!!!)


I have been trying to train Doug & Elaine to attend to my needs like letting me in to my inside bed from my outside bed, or going out to my outside bed, by standing at the door and whining and yapping. But they just ignore me and in fact, tell me very firmly to get back into the bed I was in. I eventually do that and settle down, and guess what, one of them comes and lets me through the door. I wish I could work out how those door things operate then I could let myself in and out. I want to be boss and come and go as I please!!!


They have yet to take me for a run around a track and I don’t really care. I do get to run around the back yard on short 20 metre laps and then down to my bed at the bottom of the patio. They have a spa there with a cover that I used to finish my run on and lay on for a rest. Then, when no one was around, I chewed on the cover and had a great time with the chunks of polystyrene that were scattered all over the patio. This annoyed them for some reason and so Doug replaced the cover and put a fence around the spa, The cover was 20 years old so I think I did them a favour. I just ignore the spa now.


Back in August they went away on a holiday and I was put into a boarding kennel. I was really happy there, made some friends and when they came to

pick me up I was having  good snooze and didn’t really want to be disturbed but I then thought of my lure at home and got a bit excited and was glad to get in the car and go home.


Well John, I am very happy and my new trainers are really good to me. (too good – says Doug). They have my racing photos you sent us, up on the wall inside and their friends are very envious that we have a winner in the house.

I am the envy of their friends and am told I behave very well when they have visitors. (I just sleep???)

Well John that’s all the news for now. Doug & Elaine send their best wishes to you for Christmas and New Year and thank you very much again for

the wonderful dog I know I am. 


Jerry Hatrick

Winning Greyhound(Sometimes)