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Robentstone Reflects

Some months ago renowned Australian freelance photographer Josh Robenstone (above) was appointed to capture the tales of a selection of pet greyhounds living throughout Victoria and showcasing them in a photographic essay titled ‘Every Greyhound Has a Story’.

The best of Robenstone’s images were recently displayed in a brand new gallery space in Melbourne’s busy CBD precinct at 524 Flinders St, where opening night saw 100 people in attendance including Victorian Premier, Dr. Denis Napthine.

Robenstone’s photos were showcased for seven successive days from March 14-20, with in excess of 1,000 people taking the time to appreciate his work, while pet greyhounds and their owners were rostered on throughout the week to promote greyhounds as pets.

Now done and dusted, Robenstone took time to answer a few questions about this unique project…

Q. Were you happy with the finished product?
Josh Robenstone: “I was really happy with how it came together. There were a lot of positive stories and the way they were told was pretty raw, which is what I liked most about it. I had some great feedback from some of the people who were photographed. They were really taken aback with how they were depicted.”

Q. How would you describe the look and feel of the gallery itself?
JR: “I’d describe it as a high end gallery which was exactly what I was expecting and exactly what I had hoped for. I thought it had a really good vibe about it, especially on opening night.”

Q. How does this rate in terms of highlights in your career?
JR: “It’s a huge highlight in my career because it’s just such a rare opportunity. To have a company give you an opportunity to promote something so personable by way of a photographic essay is really unique.”

Q. How much time did you pour into the project?
JR: “(laughs) A lot of time. I did 10-12 different photo shoots which included travel all over Victoria. A lot of time was also spent editing, retouching and printing.

Q. What was is like to have the Victorian Premier and Minister for Racing, Dr. Denis Napthine at opening night?
JR: “He was great. I had actually met him at a photo shoot I was doing three months earlier for the Financial Review, and I mentioned that I was working on the gallery. He remembered me, which was nice and it was clear on the night that he has a real passion for the greyhound breed.”

Q. Did you make a return visit to the Gallery after opening night?
JR: “Yes, I took my grandfather in and it was great to show him some of my work. His eyesight is fading so it was a little bit challenging. He is a little bit artistic and I just appreciate that he takes some interest in what I’m doing.”

Q. For those that missed the Gallery, will people get another chance to see it?
JR: “I have heard a whisper that a gallery space may be hired out somewhere in regional Victoria, which would be really great, but I haven’t heard confirmation on that at this point.”

*Below is a selection of images from opening night compiled by Bluestream Pictures.