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The GAP Café

The GAP Cafe

How do you like your coffee…
Black, white or grey?

There’s a new place in West Melbourne,
where the coffee has collars.

Greyhounds are the perfect breed for inner suburban and city living.
They don’t need a lot of exercise or a big backyard, and
they’re as low-maintenance as a dog gets; lazy, loving and low-tech.
Perfectly at home, wherever you are…
Got a GAP on your couch? We have the perfect filler.
Come and pat.
Open Monday to Friday from 8 am*.
Saturdays from 8 am and Sunday* we’re closed.
* Winter months schedule update.
Greyhound adoption meet-and-greet
GAP cafe winter upgrades
Ph: 8329 1131
The GAP Cafe Launch
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The GAP Cafe