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Entering Your Greyhound into GAP

Rehoming of all adoptable greyhounds is a key goal for GRV. This is reflected in the racing rules and the Victorian Government’s Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds which require owners to make genuine efforts to rehome retired greyhounds. The most common method for greyhounds to be rehomed is through friends, family and contacts of owners, trainers and other participants in the industry. To assist owners to rehome their greyhounds, GRV is continuing to expand and enhance the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) as an important, but not the only, pathway to rehoming greyhounds.

Pre-entry assessment

Greyhounds must pass a short behaviour assessment (pre-entry assessment or PEA) prior to being accepted into GAP. PEA sessions are generally conducted twice a week at eight venues around Victoria (see locations below) and are usually scheduled for up to three months in advance. To book an assessment for your greyhound please contact Racing Services by emailing or phoning 03 8329 1100 with your preferred assessment location.

If all appointments at your preferred assessment location are fully booked, your greyhound will go onto a waiting list, and when new appointments become available at that location, greyhounds will be allocated slots with the earliest bookings allocated first.

While desexed greyhounds on the waiting list are given priority when new appointments become available (assuming the greyhound is listed as desexed in FastTrack), from 1 February 2023, desexing will be mandatory prior to pre-entry assessment.

This means greyhounds can still be booked in prior to desexing, allowing time to get the surgery done, but the appointment will be cancelled 10 days prior to the assessment if the desexing isn’t completed. Desexing increases the likelihood of the greyhound passing its assessment and in the case of females, it avoids her coming into season at the last minute and not being able to attend the assessment. Greyhounds entering GAP already desexed can be adopted quicker, often within days of arrival (if teeth are in good condition) which ultimately benefits both participants and greyhounds.

Desexing certificates must be emailed to GRV’s Desexing and Dental Scheme (information at will cover the entire cost of both desexing and dental treatment in most cases.

Preparation for PEA

Participants can greatly assist GAP by having their greyhounds as “adoption ready” as possible before PEA, which will also maximise the chances of the greyhound passing the assessment:

  1. ensuring greyhounds are used to being around small dogs and other people; and
  2. ensuring medical issues are resolved; for example, a greyhound with a repaired fracture must be sound enough to run around and cannot be lame (if in doubt please contact GRV in advance); and
  3. desexing greyhounds as soon as possible after booking in (if not already done) and also getting the dental treatment done. To gain the benefits from a behavioural point of view it should be done at least 6 weeks prior to PEA, noting your appointment will be cancelled if not done by 10 days prior to your appointment.

What do I do if my greyhound is on the waiting list for a GAP pre-entry assessment?

  • Preparation: You can use the waiting time to further prepare your greyhound for rehoming. If you haven’t already done so you will need to get your greyhound desexed as this will be mandatory from 1 February 2023 (and preferably dental treatment done). GRV’s Desexing and Dental Scheme will cover the entire cost of both desexing and dental treatment in most cases. Ongoing handling and socialisation will increase the chances of the greyhound passing the assessment.
  • Alternatives: You can try contacting other rehoming groups but be aware they also currently have long waiting lists and will also require desexing prior to acceptance.
  • PetCheck: GRV is offering PetCheck behaviour assessments to greyhounds on the waiting list (very similar to a PEA except GAP will not take the greyhound on the day if it passes). This will be useful to provide some certainty about the greyhound’s behaviour and, if you are opting to rehome the greyhound privately, to help you better place the greyhound in the right home. If you would like to have a PetCheck for your greyhound, please ring GAP on 03 5799 0166 to discuss and book it in. The plan is to offer appointments at the end of the PEA sessions and at the end of the assessment you will receive documentation on your greyhound’s assessment. To be eligible, your greyhound will need to be on the PEA waiting list; and vaccinated as per the requirements for GAP.

How GAP’s pre-entry assessment tests work

How do I book a pre-entry assessment slot?

  • To book your greyhound in for a GAP pre-entry assessment, please email Racing Services on or phone 03 8329 1100.
  • Sessions are run at: Ballarat; Bendigo; Cranbourne; Seymour (GAP); Geelong; Sale; Sandown and Warrnambool.
  • There are usually up to 16 spaces available per session. If the sessions are fully booked, your greyhound will be placed on the waiting list.
  • To be eligible for a pre-entry assessment your greyhound must not have been trained, trialled or raced for at least 28 days (preferably at least two months) prior to the testing day.
  • Desexed greyhounds on the waiting list get priority access when new appointments become available but from 1 February 2023, your greyhound will need to be desexed at least 10 days prior to the testing date. When booking a desexed greyhound in, please check with Racing Services that FastTrack has the greyhound recorded as desexed.
  • Your greyhound must also be fully vaccinated, at least 10 days prior to the testing day, according to the requirements below:
    • C3 vaccination (Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitiswithin the last 2½ years(or within 1 year if the last C3 was given earlier than 12 months of age); and
    • Kennel Cough vaccination (both Bordetella and Parainfluenzawithin the last 6 months where the Bordetella component is given as an intra-nasal or oral* vaccine. * Note that while the intra-nasal kennel Cough vaccine protects against both Bordetella and Parainfluenza, the oral vaccine only protects against Bordetella. Therefore, if using the oral vaccine, the Parainfluenza vaccine will have to have been given by separate injection (either on its own or as part of a C4 vaccine).
  • Only three greyhounds per connection can be booked in per pre-assessment session.
  • There is no entry fee for greyhounds into GAP.
  • Participants must provide a good quality, well fitted wire muzzle when entering a greyhound into GAP.

Two important points:

  • A PEA appointment is allocated to the nominated greyhound, not the participant, so if the greyhound is withdrawn, the participant cannot substitute another greyhound into that slot.
  • If you are considering booking a particular greyhound into a PEA session but you are not sure, it is better to get it booked in, as you can always cancel later if you don’t need the appointment.

Participant re-homing tips