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All greyhounds adopted from GAP are de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and health checked. During the foster process, they quickly and easily make the transition from being racing animals to pets. The Victorian Government recently approved changes to the greyhound muzzling laws and effective 1 January 2019, greyhound pet owners can choose to have their greyhounds muzzle free in public.
Note: Greyhounds who successfully pass the GAP program will continue to undergo a thorough temperament assessment to ensure they are safe around small dogs and okay to be muzzle free in public.

GAP Source Number: BR 101124

While most greyhounds are accepting of children, some enjoy their company more than others. This symbol indicates dogs that we feel are particularly suited to homes with children.
Some greys are fine as an only dog, others need company. This symbol indicates that the greyhound would be happiest in a home with a canine friend to play with.
This indicates that the greyhound is able to live with cats.

Most of our dogs are not tested with livestock. This symbol indicates that the dog has been fostered with horses, cows etc and is comfortable around them.

Most of our dogs are not tested with poultry. This symbol indicates that the dog has been fostered with poultry and is comfortable with them.

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