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Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program – 28 years; thousands of love stories.

It feels like the greatest dating agency in the world sometimes.

Since 1997, the Greyhound Adoption Program has been matching hounds and humans, creating some of the sort of love stories that would make Mills and Boon swoon.The Greyhound – ‘the regal breed’ – is a breed like no other. They’re not good guard dogs, you’ll be hard-pressed to take them for a long run, and they take up a fair bit of space. Just getting them to sit like a ‘normal’ dog is like watching canine origami, with strange looks and legs akimbo. And lazy? Don’t get me started.

They are, however, great company. They have a seemingly endless supply of love and friendship for their humans. And will – perhaps unwittingly – provide many laughs and invoke your love. Kings and Queens, philosophers and great writers have all lauded their qualities for centuries.

Back in March 1997, two veterinary nurses from Sandown Park – Mel Tochner and Anita Smith – saw the need to find retirement homes for the dogs they cared for at the track. Racing greyhounds are usually ready for retirement by about four or five years of age, which still gives them up to ten years of retirement time, so the ‘dating agency’ was formed in the shape of GAP.

Now, it’s the most successful greyhound adoption agency in the world. More than 1000 long-dogs find their ‘forever homes’ every year; even more when you include the other adoption programs supported by GAP and GRV.

The breed is now ubiquitous throughout the suburbs of Melbourne and just about every regional town. Last year they were named one of the top ten most popular dogs as pets.

Thousands of people have found out what Mel and Anita already knew. The greyhound makes a wonderful addition to your home.
A big shout-out also to the many volunteers and staff that have made GAP’s success possible. Without you all, we simply would not have made it to this point.

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