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What are the frequently asked questions
about fostering a greyhound?

Episode 1

GAP Volunteer and Fostering Coordinator Rose Streatfeild explains why some former racing greyhounds benefit from fostering before adoption, how GAP supports the fosterer.

In this series of videos, veteran fosterer – 3AW’s Kate Stevenson – talks about the practical things you can do to make your foster experience positive, for you and the greyhound.

Episode 1

Here, Kate tells of how she introduces
the dog to the home, and domestic life.

Episode 2

In this episode, Kate speaks about getting
the dog outside and what to expect.

Episode 3

Kate discusses how to get your home
prepared for a four-legged visitor.

Episode 4

Here, Kate talks about some things you
might watch out for in your greyhound.

GAP Volunteer and Fostering Coordinator Rose Streatfeild talks about how foster dogs are chosen, and what they expect from a foster carer.

Episode 2

Rose Streatfeild on the assessment process for the dog after fostering, how long it might take and what’s a ‘foster fail?

For further details, please contact us at or by visiting our main Foster care page here.